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Inspiration strikes in the strangest places. For Los Angeles-based Yoga Instructor Amanda McMorran, it came in the form of graffiti. Relax and enjoy your pressure. It’s impossible to escape trials and obligations in life, but it is possible to change how we let them affect us. Amanda is deeply invested in exploring holistic methods of healing through challenging workouts that transform not only the body but also the mind. A lifelong artist, Amanda worked as a teaching assistant while pursuing her BFA and MFA, followed by two years as a sessional instructor at Emily Carr University, in Vancouver BC. She views her practice as a natural extension of her passion for self-expression and her love of teaching.

Amanda spent two years under the mentorship of expert yogi Julia Sparkman and received her teaching certification through CorePower Yoga. Her focus is counseling students on proper form and alignment. No two sessions are alike – she understands that each student’s physical and spiritual goals are unique, as is the path they take to reach them. You can expect personalized coaching that produces noticeable changes in your body and overall wellbeing. Amanda offers private in-home lessons and studio classes. She is currently assisting with classes at the renowned Love Yoga studio in Venice, where Iyengar and Vinyasa combine in a practice focused on pranayama and the mind-body connection.


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"Yoga changes lives. It certainly changed mine, and since becoming a certified instructor, I have witnessed yoga’s transformative powers first-hand. A dedicated yoga practice promotes balance, acceptance, and peace by aligning body, mind, and spirit. I’m passionate about sharing yoga’s many benefits through teaching. I believe that anyone can get into yoga, though it sometimes seems like an intimidating practice for beginners. It starts with a choice and a simple, single breath."

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